Welcome! Lets Build a Great Website

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our little home about building websites. The idea behind this site, is to demonstrate our knowledge of Design, Architecture, Content Best Practices and WordPress. This post is nothing more than the out-of-the-box WordPress, with default theme (Twenty Seventeen) and default plugins.

What we plan on doing with this website is build it in front of you. With that it means we plan on documenting the building process live on the website. Hopefully we can document it in a way that others can learn from the experiences that we’ve had going through this process.

We want this website to be more than just a “Building a WordPress” site. We want to discuss the reasons we made a particular design or architectural decision. For years we have been building Content Management Systems (CMS), which directly competed with WordPress. Although our experience is in custom CMS, we believe that WordPress as a platform is a great technology for those customers that need lots of tools and options, but don’t necessary have highly customized solutions in mind.

Part of this blog will be about the comparisons between WordPress and our own custom CMS. As we go through this process, we would appreciate any and all comments you may have about a certain topic. So please collaborate with us.

We hope you enjoy this experience as much as we will have creating it. However keep in mind, we are designers, architects, developers and strategists. We aren’t English majors, which means we may make a grammar mistake here and there, and definitely a spelling mistake.

Lets start the journey!

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