First Things First

It’s obvious that we need to do a little housekeeping or updating to get the most out of this tool. I’m sure a quick google search would return a good number of sites that still have the title “Just Another WordPress site”. As appealing as that may be, we really want to change that, along with some other features to get this thing looking a little better.

Original Settings
WordPress 4.7 Out-of-the-box settings

Here is how we are going to change things:

  • Site Title = “I Can Build Your Website”
  • Tagline = “Helping You Do Business Online Effectively”
  • WordPress Address = No Change
  • Site Address = No Change
  • Email Address = No Change
  • Membership = Anyone can Join -> CHECKED
  • New User Default Role = Subscriber
  • Timezone = Los Angeles (I’m West Coast Based)
  • Date Format = December 27, 2016 (default)
  • Time Format = 11:24 pm (default)
  • Week Starts On = Monday
  • Site Language = English (United States)
    WP Settings Custom
    WordPress 4.7 Updated Settings

    The last thing I’m going to change, at least initially, is the way the posts (url) are formed. I’m a big fan of getting slug type of urls, that aren’t based on date.

    Permalink Structure
    OOTB Permalink Structure

    Thus I’ve chosen the following format. My goal is to create SEO friendly URLs that are unique. Although the date is still unique, I believe it makes it longer and unnecessary.

    SEO Friendly Permalink
    Updated Permalink Structure to be SEO Friendly

    This should be all the changes I need to make for the moment. The site is starting to look pretty good.

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